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Conditions for Exhibitors



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12:00* (midday) - 22:00 on Wednesday 26th April only.

There will be no set up on the day of the event, 27th April.

You will receive your delivery time slot to arrive with your stand and your set up time slot from Associate Events no later than the 14th April.

*This excludes all stands ordered through Associate Events

Set up time

The exhibition area must be cleared by 03:00am (TBC) on Friday 28th April.

You will receive your delivery time slot to arrive with your stand and your set up time slot from Associate Events no later than the 14th April.

*This excludes all stands ordered through Associate Events

Dismantle time

Bespoke stand

Your stand space is vital to your brand promotion at this prestigious event. We understand how important it is to ensure your organisation makes a positive impact during the exhibition.


This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your key messages to an engaged audience and Associate Events can support you in creating a visually appealing stand space to do just that. We offer a completely bespoke stand design or a shell scheme stand, please see the Exhibition Stand Pack here and feel free to reach out to Sarune Jankauskaite at

Exhibition stand pack

Stand Requirements

  • Stand size as per your contract and sponsorship level

  • If your stand has just one wall, it must be self-supporting.

  • Maximum stand height is 3m, including lighting. No materials can be hung from the ceiling.

  • Please note no boxes or personal belongings should be left at your stand uncovered.

  • Your stand space will not have access to water.

  • Small storage space can be provided at the venue during the event. Please fill out the form or email Sarune Jankauskaite at if you require this facility. Please note all items must be labelled with your company name and the contact details of the person responsible for it.

  • The Exhibitor must ensure that nothing is affixed to the floors, walls, ceilings or columns of The Hotel and its event space through the use of nails, screws, tape, drawing pins or other means, or suspended from the roofs or ceilings thereof.

  • Please be aware that any damage to the fabric of the Hotel will be charged to the Exhibitor at the full replacement value, where such damage is caused by the Exhibitor and its staff. 

  • The Exhibitor must clear and remove all rubbish and other materials not belonging to the Hotel from their stand space, so that the premises are completely clean and tidy at the close of the event. Should the Hotel incur expenses as a result of clearing rubbish left by the Exhibitor, such expenses will be recharged to the Exhibitor.

  • The Exhibitor is responsible at all times for the safety and security of any items belonging to them and brought to the Hotel and the Hotel, MOD, or Associate Events  will not in any circumstances be liable to the Exhibitor for any loss or damage to any such item howsoever arising.

  • The Exhibitor will not store or place on the premises or in the Hotel any flammable, combustible or objectionable substance or liquid.

All Exhibitors bringing stands (6m x 4m, 4m x 3m, 3m x 2m, 2m x 2m) must submit the following forms to Sarune Jankauskaite at no later than 3rd March 2023:


  • RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement)

  • Public Liability Insurance  certificate (min. £10,000,000.00)

  • PAT certificate (Portable Appliance Testing form. This is only required should you be bringing any electrical appliances).

  • Food Indemnity form (should you be bringing any food onto the premises).

 Stand Health & Safety

  • Flooring decks shouldn’t have sharp 90° corners that can inflict injury.

  • Please inform the Associate Events Team if your stand floor is higher than 40mm, as it must feature a ramp (built-in or portable).

  • Raised floors (over 40mm) are a tripping hazard. To reduce the risk of injury, you will be asked to highlight the raised area appropriately.

  • Use of ladders - When using ladders, all construction crews must use them safely. All ladders must be in a good state of repair and be of a commercial/industrial type. Domestic step ladders will not be allowed.

  • Please note that stands that require a construction team to assemble or the use of heavy/loading equipment must have a risk assessment, method statement and liability insurance document. This is compulsory and must be provided to the Associate Events Team no later than the 17th February 2023.

  • Loading bay elevators. The following dimensions relate to both service elevators:

- Width 2.50 metres

- Height 2.10 metres

- Length 6.30 metres

- Max Weight 5000 kgs

Set Up and Dismantle

The Exhibitor will be solely responsible for the setup and dismantling of their stand within the time given above. Unfortunately, the onsite team won't be able to help set up or dismantle your stand at any time due to safety reasons. Any exhibitor with a stand exceeding the allocated stand space will be asked to dismantle and remove the materials exceeding the limit. 


Kindly note onsite or venue staff are not liable for unattended items. Event organisers take no responsibility for any loss or damage at any point before, during or after the event. 


Please note that delays beyond the dismantle time stated above will incur a penalty charge of £4,000 per hour straight to the venue for late get-out in the Arora Ballroom. Any items not collected by 03:00am on Friday 28th April, will be removed from the site without further notice.

Your Stand

If you already have the stand you will be using at the Defence Women’s Network Conference 2023, please fill in the form with your stand details here no later than 17th February 2023. Associate Events must approve each stand exhibiting at the event.

Electricity at Your Stand Space

All stands will have one regular 13amp socket.

All electrical equipment must hold a valid PAT test certificate and comply with the current IEE regulations and safety standards current at the time of the function. Please submit PAT certificate by 3rd March. 


For safety, we must know your stand's total draw. If it's over 13amp, please email Sarune Jankauskaite at



Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access is included within the Arora Ballroom via a Hotel branded Captive portal. Complimentary access is suitable for basic browsing and email access only. 

Select the faster premium service for VPN access, Audio/Video Streaming, downloading of large files, concurrent connections and dedicated bandwidth. We can arrange a separate managed service contract which will be charged depending on your specific requirements.

Should you need access to the faster internet service, please email Sarune Jankauskaite at by 17th February.



The Exhibitor must have or obtain appropriate liability insurance, which includes the right event exhibition coverage. The Exhibitor further undertakes that it has its public liability insurance. The organiser or venue is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor's employees, property or any person before, during, or after the period covered by the exhibit contract. 

Furniture and AV Equipment

Should you wish to rent furniture or AV equipment for your stand, please email Sarune Jankauskaite at by 17th February 2023.

Stand Sharing

Sharing your stand space with another company is not permitted at the conference unless otherwise agreed with the event organisers. 

Marketing Materials

No promotional literature may be handed out around the show or placed in any catering areas, registration/entrance to the event or any other part of the venue other than on your stand, unless otherwise agreed by the organiser in writing.

External Catering

We allow food to be brought in from outside but please see below further requirements:

  • No item of food is to contain nuts.

Please advise if any assistance is required from the hotel for the external food items (further costs might arise) and submit the following documentation:

  • Corkage fees for beverages

  • Food indemnity form

  • H&S forms (these documents are necessary only if the food/drinks are supplied by an external caterer/supplier)

    • Public Liability insurance for a minimum of 1 million pounds

    • Relevant Allergen information including matrix to display 

Food indemnity form

PPE Requirements

High Visibility

High Visibility is to be worn at all times during the ‘build’ element of the production phase to allow the venue's Event Safety Officer and event security team to identify authorised persons working in the ballroom space. This extends to all persons in the ballroom space during this phase of the build, including but not limited to production contractors, clients, event security, hotel employees etc.

Steel Toe Capped Footwear

Steel Toe Capped Footwear is to be worn at all times during the ‘build’ element  of the production phase where a risk of injury is possible. This is for the duration of the ‘build’ element. Once the constructional build has been completed, this can be relaxed to ‘appropriate’ footwear for the tasks involved. Clearing flight cases, laying out floor-based items, adjusting monitors etc. are not considered part of the constructional build process providing all the main production build elements are complete. For example, in staging, scenic, truss and rigging construction etc.

Hard Hats

Hard Hats are to be worn while trusses are moving from a working height to trim height or where a truss is moving from trim to a working height. Where a risk of chain fall or other elements could fall and cause injury or where a truss coming Into working height could make contact with a person working or passing underneath. This also extends to working underneath a scissor lift while an operative is working above. Before a truss movement is executed, the Rigging Department will liaise with the Event Safety Officer. They will approach the Event Safety Officer and inform them that they are ready to perform a lifting operation. At this time the Event Safety Officer will either;

  • Ensure all persons working near or under the truss or rigging element have their hard hats on correctly or;

  • Ensure that persons not wearing hard hats are moved from the area where the lifting operation is about to commence. Clear the area of risk.


Once the Event Safety Officer has completed this task, he will inform the Rigging Department that they are happy for the Rigging Department to continue. The Rigging Department will then perform the lifting operation when they are happy and in accordance with our standard operating procedures. Once the lifting operation has been completed the Rigging Department will check the structure for any hazards for example chain falls etc. Once satisfied the area is still safe they will inform the Event Safety Officer that the current lifting operation is complete. At this point, persons can re-enter underneath while the Rigging Department level trusses and apply safeties. Hard hats will only be required at this point while working underneath a scissor lift or a person working at height.

Arrival on the Day

Registration for exhibitors will be open from 07:00am and close at 07:45am on the event day 27th April. You will require a barcode e-ticket and will need to bring photo ID with you i.e. passport or driving license. Details regarding your barcode e-ticket will follow from Associate Events.

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