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Hotel Deliveries and Collections



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All stand deliveries must enter the hotel via its loading bay which is located at the back of the hotel by the Meridian Gate. Please see below for small deliveries. To enter the back of the hotel, you must drive through The O2 arena’s security gate. Access will only be granted with a valid vehicle ticket with a barcode (which can be obtained via Associate Events).


There is no parking for any vehicles in the loading area. However, the time will be given for vehicles to load and unload equipment and deliveries for conferences. Associate Events will distribute the access ticket seven days before the setup date to those needing access to the venue’s loading bay. The tickets can be presented on a printed hard copy or smartphone or tablet. Please let Sarune Jankauskaite know by 28/02/2023 if you require an access ticket.


You will be responsible for issuing this access ticket to your appointed suppliers or contractors. Neglect to arrange appropriate delivery may result in your items being returned to the sender at the exhibitor’s cost.

If an outside delivery company handles your setup, the company will need to meet the appropriate duties of care required.

Small deliveries via Courier 

Small deliveries should arrive at the venue no earlier than three business days and no later than one business day before the event. Please download the forms to fill in should you wish to deliver a parcel to the hotel.

Associate Events and venue staff will not sign for any deliveries during setup. Please ensure your team member is present to collect their delivery if you send one.

Delegate Bag Merchandise/Literature Delivery

This does not include any sponsor (where applicable to your package) delegate bag merchandise/literature parcels that are to be sent between 24th - 25th April to the hotel, please use the alternative form below and to direct these parcels to the Docklands Meeting Room within the hotel.

Parcels in.doc

Parcels out.doc

Parcels in delegate bags.doc

Parcels out delegate bags.doc

Loading bay elevator size

The following dimensions relate to the service elevator:

Width 2.50 metres

Height 2.10 metres

Length 6.30 metres

Weight 5000 kgs

No equipment or other items may be brought into the hotel via the main entrance or any other guest entrance without prior agreement with Associate Events.

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