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DXC Technology is delighted to be the Diamond Sponsor of the 2023 Defence Women’s Network (DWN) Conference, highlighting our shared vision to create inclusive and enriching workplace environments where people thrive – to the benefit of the whole Defence community.


Last year’s conference was themed “Inspire, Illuminate and Empower” which sets the stage for this year’s very timely theme “Leadership and Self-Empowerment.” As we face severe economic, political, and business challenges across the globe we need a diverse array of leaders who can take up the mantle and deliver change – with inputs from all perspectives, uniting the defence sector around common goals.

DXC’s core values Deliver, Do, Care, Collaborate, and Community are all virtues of leadership. As we celebrate the many women across the defence sector during the 2023 conference, we strive to uphold these values and inspire the generations of leaders to come. 


With over 50 years’ experience, and as a long-standing partner of the Ministry of Defence, DXC’s mission-critical services and solutions have kept the world’s leading private and public sector aerospace and defence organisations operating smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We strategically incorporate cloud, automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, security and more, into secure operations, while helping to draw value from legacy systems. Our services and solutions tackle your most urgent issues, rapidly and effectively, helping you to run better, service better, and protect better.

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