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Conference and Evening Details



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The theme for the day is Leadership and Self-Empowerment. Please see below timings and panel sessions:

DWN23 Conference


07:45 - 09:15

Welcome, Conference Commences

09:25 - 09:30

Session 1: Turn Lemons into Lemonade

09:30 - 10:15

Session 2: Silencing Self Doubt: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

10:20 - 11:15


11:15 - 11:40

Session 3: Queenagers: The Canaries in the Coal Mine for Organisational Culture

11:40 - 12:30

Session 4: The Innovator's Guide to Life & Career: Launch Before You Are Ready

12:30 - 13:10


13:10 - 14:10

Session 5: The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries & Realistic Goals

14:10 - 15:00

Session 6: Talk it Out: Go Deeper, Get Clear

15:05 - 15:40


15:40 - 16:10

Session 7: Networking: Creating Your Own Beehive

16:10 - 16:55


16:55 - 17:00

Associate Events shall be emailing all attendees post the guestlist deadlines with information on how to obtain their e-ticket to gain entry.  Please note  all attendees will require photo ID on the day/evening.

Please note these timings are subject to change.

Our aim for the evening dinner is to bring the Defence and Security sectors together to collaborate and celebrate diversity and all of the efforts that make the Defence Enterprise more inclusive. Please see below timings and further details on the dress code:

DWN23 Gala Dinner

Drinks Reception


Doors Open for dinner


Guests Seated


Key Notes


Dinner Served




Evening Dinner Dress Code

Please note the Evening Dinner will be a black tie event, with acceptable dress codes as follows:

Serving members of the Armed Forces - Mess Dress or Black Tie as below. We ask that, if necessary, Officers liaise with the Senior Single Service Officer present for guidance on the correct form of dress to be followed.

Non-military - Black tie, long or short dress or outfit suitable for a formal evening event. Miniature medals may be worn if appropriate.

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